Utility Bill Auditing

Utility Bill Auditing


Utility Bill Auditing is a powerful, risk free way for your company to save money.

In order to get a start with any procurement or demand response program it is recommended that a complete audit of your utility accounts be performed. The only costs to you is a percentage of the recovered overcharges and savings. If none are found there is no fee.

How does Utility Bill Auditing Work?

It all starts with a complete review of your (natural gas, electric and/or water) utility accounts to uncover typical billing errors and unnecessary charges added to your account(s). This is the one area of your utility expenses that can be critical to your bottom line. You can’t manage costs that you don’t know about.

This is the first step in an organized approach to utility management. It’s also the one area best left to an expert. We work with the best auditing specialists and will provide an expert analysis of utility and telecommunication invoices, contracts, tariffs and infrastructure to eliminate unnecessary expenses and recover refunds.

Without risk and out of pocket expenses, this is a great way to start taking control of your utility accounts.

  • Our standard offering includes continued follow up and a description of the results of the utility audit.
  • Next we will collaborate and discuss an inclusive plan for your businesses, outlining any next steps for continued savings or other energy opportunities that you want to pursue.
  • As your specific trends develop over time, you will know of new market changes that may affect the way you operate as well as any anomalies in order to help you use your energy wisely.