Demand-Side Management

Demand-side management & Energy Efficiency


Demand Response, Energy Efficiency, Technology, and Lighting.

With NPS you have the confidence in choosing the best contractor for ease in participation and on-time payments,  faster ROI and energy cost savings no matter the energy project.

Demand Response has evolved into multiple programs to appeal to customers’ of a wide variety. Traditional demand response events (capacity programs) occur when the electric grid is under stress due to the lack of supply to meet the demand or to avoid high price spikes. You are compensated for your ability to reduce your demand when called upon or as part of a regular regime based on price thresholds.

This part of the industry changes often as new regulations and more accurate methods for power supply and demand forecasting are developed. Traditional emergency participation (capacity) programs are available, as are other opportunities with real-time energy price and ancillary service reduction programs.

Energy Efficiency revenue programs are also available in some marketplaces which compensate the consumer for a permanent annual usage (load) reduction at their facilities. You maybe eligible If you have completed a project within the last four years and have reduced your overall energy usage by at least 100 kW annually, you may be eligible for this program.

Efficiency & Peak Load Management to help reduce your energy needs and thereby costs;  NPS explains funding opportunities, solicit estimates and makes recommendations that better align with your company’s interests.

This includes multiple energy applications such as  commercial lighting, updating equipment like HVAC & refrigeration,  metering, data management tools, and more. We’ll write and bid your proposal; accounting for items such as budget, ROI, energy program measurement & verification protocol (if applicable), funding administration, and company reputation to name a few.

Our process:

  • We review your energy usage, data, operations, and with your collaboration, determine what programs make sense for your way of business.
  • You tell us what you are willing to do at your facilities to reduce load and we will match program obligations to the efforts your facility is willing to participate, or what your wishes & realities are in relation to your project.
  • Next, we go to market and find the best deal and vendor including the specific details on what you need.
  • Then we explain and show you the transparency of your deals such as gross revenue streams & splits, ROI, and funding eligibility and make our recommendations to you.
  • Finally, NPS will gather all contracts with each associated deal so you have everything you need to make an informed decision.

Your benefits:

  • No outlay for enrolling and participating; NPS takes a small percentage of the net value of the administrative company we work with for enrollment. That means the customers’ spits are an agreed percentage of the gross values we present to you.
  • These programs are a great way to make additional revenue and avoid high energy price spikes.
  • Many offer no-cost upgraded technology to help measure your energy usage. The benefits of this exceed demand response and can help control costs year round.
  • NPS works our fee into the contract with the vendor so there are no out of pocket costs to our clients. This fee is typically already built into the vendors’ product price structure as sales commission.