Who we are


About National Power Source

National Power Source (NPS) is the Buyers’ Representative.

We provide an advantageous way for Commercial & Industrial facilities to not fall victim to the predatory energy environment.  With decades of experience, we represent the consumers’ interests in the selection of energy service providers & energy project contractors.

The concept is simple:  Listen to the consumer, interpret facility functions,  then go to market to find the best deal that matches up and make final recommendation to the client. NPS does not have offerings and products waiting sale, we go to market with your needs and negotiate what you want.

NPS educates and supports our clients with how to choose the best energy deals, projects, and combinations of services to provide maximum  savings and return for the client. We represent small to large commercial & industrial organizations, energy brokers, and government entities nationwide; specializing in multiple-site locations.

The origin of this concept was delivered decades ago by the founder, Michael Riester, one customer at a time. His proficiency in energy contracts and passed through costs originated in his extensive career harvesting and delivering natural gas and electricity.  Michael then expanded his company with the help of energy professionals experienced in demand-side management and renewable energy.  National Power Source, LLC was officially created in 2006 and is currently experiencing comprehensive growth across the U.S. We represent small to large commercial & industrial organizations, energy brokers, and government entities nationwide; specializing in multiple-site locations.

- Our Process -

The Current Issues: a Predatory Landscape
Companies who discover, harvest, supply, and sell other energy products and services have financial interests and risk obligations to protect. Their goal is gain as many customers as possible, whether through mergers and acquisitions or regular sales solicitations,  to off-set their financial risks in the marketplace, improve their own ROI or stock price, or just make fast cash in the marketplace. All the deals can’t be the best deal so we put them to the test.

NPS has a Different Way to Do Business
Our goal is to enhance the consumers’ purchasing power so the results are unbiased and unrivaled. The only thing we offer our clients is  the range of offers in their region including complete and transparent details specific to your goals. Whether your goals include savings money, exploring new pricing opportunities for your operation, or understanding how to get additional money and savings through the marketplac.

Our neutral recommendations are based on negotiations with all service and contract providers that prove the best value with natural gas, electricity, and renewable energy supply price and contract terms; utility invoicing review and counseling; demand-side management revenue and energy efficiency credit program opportunities; and hardware and software energy management tools.

Customer Relationships
We believe in long-term relationships and loyally represent our clients. We believe in doing business face-to-face. Our goal remains to grow our network of clients offering the best deals on energy supply, management, technology, and sustainability. We offer clients a retainer option or negotiate our standard fees with the vendors the consumer chooses; there are no out-of-pocket costs to the client.  All new customers receive a free analysis and recommendation. All existing clients receive bi-annual account reviews.