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About NPSFebruary 2, 2015 PSEG Long Island Proposes Collaborative on LIPA Choice Program

PSEG Long Island has proposed convening a collaborative to explore electric choice issues at the Long Island Power Authority. Read the article. 

About NPSJanuary 21, 2015 Natural Gas Has Biggest Losses in 11 Months

About NPSJanuary 14, 2015 Natural-gas prices closed with their biggest day of gains in nearly two weeks.

Natural Gas Prices Rally. Read more here.

About NPSJanuary 6, 2015 Maryland PSC recommends Starion Energy, “be ordered to cease serving customers in the State.”

About NPSDecember 22, 2014 Another great reason to avoid fixed priced natural gas contracts.

About NPSDecember 16, 2014 2014 for demand response: The best of times, the worst of times

Demand Response had a tumultuous year but what will 2015 bring? Find out here.

About NPSNovember 17, 2014 Indiana non-industrials seeing high electric prices, that’s not fair they say.

The deregulation of electricity prices could be coming as prices continue to ride for business owners. Read the update here.

About NPSOctober 31, 2014 Are things changing for businesses in PPL territory?

PA judge strikes down pricing alternative for Commercial & Industrial customers. Read article.

About NPSOctober 30, 2014 NYMEX December natural gas settles 3.9 cents higher

Tis the season of the roller coaster of energy pricing responding to weather. Read more here.

About NPSOctober 20, 2014 NYMEX November natural gas settles down 9.6 cents to 11-month low

November expected to have above normal temperatures, keeping prices low.                              Read about it.

About NPSOctober 14, 2014 Grid Modernization Efforts Stabilize Demand for T&D Services in North America.

Read more on how our power grid is changing, what jobs it is creating, and what the future brings. Additional research documents are linked in the story for more detailed information.

About NPSOctober 1, 2014 Tapping into our natural internal clocks by way of LED bulbs

Researchers are looking at how dialing up and down the brightness, color and richness of household lighting can help regulate our circadian rhythms. Check it out.

About NPSSeptember 30, 2014 Solar is booming in NYS, thanks to more incentives.

About NPS US Natural Gas demand to increase as coal plants are decommissioned

Read about the changing forecasts regarding natural gas here.

About NPSSeptember 23, 2014 New Jersey gets reliability upgrades.

JCP&L upgrades parts of Jersey; are you affected? Read more here. 

About NPSAugust 21, 2014 Another supplier under scrutiny.

This year saw many third-party suppliers go out of business or investigated for price gouging. It is happening yet again. Read about it here. 

About NPS PA Resource Manufacturing Credit

About NPSJuly 22, 2014 ConEd: Winter power price spikes to continue without new gas pipelines

Forecasts are talking about the coming winter. See what they have to say about your pricing here.

About NPSMay 27, 2014 NY wants to include you more in their power planning.

NY wants to reinvent the utility’s role by using distributed resources (end-use consumers) regularly in their planning to balance the power flowing on the grid. Utilities are looking to use innovation for a pro-active approach to power generation and use.  Read the article here

About NPSMay 1, 2014 Spending on Automated Demand Response Will Surpass $185 Million by 2023

Incentives are available in most regions. Read the article here.

About NPSApril 29, 2014 Demand Response is big business

About NPSApril 21, 2014 ALERT: FirstEnergy Utility Default Service Rates to Jump 50% for Some Classes

Be sure to check your rates and contracts, whether you are with a third-party supplier or with the utility. Understand why here. 

About NPSApril 7, 2014 Before you move on your lighting retrofit, learn what to look for for maximum efficiency results

About NPSApril 3, 2014 Pennsylvania News: PUC makes changes after formal complaints

In February and March 2014, more than 9,137 consumers have contacted the Commission with concerns about electric supply prices, many of whom expressed frustration with the time it take to change suppliers. Of those, more than 5,732 consumers have filed informal complaints with the PUC’s Bureau of Consumer Services.

Learn More Here

About NPSFebruary 26, 2014 New Report Finds Demand Response-Green Building Partnership is Off to a Great Start

Buildings account for 40% of our nation’s electricity use. In 2012, power plants spewed about 2 gigatons of global warming pollution into our air, which was about one-third of total U.S. emissions. That’s why EDF and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) teamed up to launch the Demand Response Partnership Program (DRPP) aimed at  enrolling LEED-certified commercial buildings in host utility demand response (DR) programs.

Get more Information here

About NPSFebruary 6, 2014 Maryland Residents – ALERT

With the high prices for electricity and natural gas this winter many companies are shocked by how high their bills are. The February bills will be very large and won’t be out until mid-March. Suppliers that use a variable rate for their rollover accounts are very vulnerable right now. Contact NPS for help in renegotiating your contracts and find a better alternative.

Read about it here

About NPSNovember 20, 2013 PennFuture Asks Pennsylvania House Committee To End The Dirty Diesel Loophole

Back-up generation used for Demand Response is being more scrutinized.

Read More Here

About NPSOctober 9, 2013 Connecticut Procurement Manager Alleged Recipient of Retail Supplier Sales Call Citing False Default Service Rates

It’s important to understand your basis price, adders, and surcharges in order to ensure you are comparing “apples to apples”.

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About NPSOctober 1, 2013 National Power Source Announces Updated Website & “Look”

National Power Source, LLC (NPS) launched its new logo & website today, October 1, 2013. The company look was newly updated to better emphasize the company’s core mission, which is to be a resource for the consumer and help them find the best deals for their energy needs. The new website is designed to help Commercial & Industrial consumers, as well as, brokerage groups understand who NPS is and how it does business. With the company growing, NPS will regularly add new information to the site to engage and educate the consumer.

About NPSSeptember 29, 2013 Do utilities love customers enough to spend?

Do utilities love customers enough to spend?

Read the article

About NPSSeptember 25, 2013 Maryland PSC Staff Seeks To Require Supplier to Refund Charges in Excess of SOS Rate

Maryland PSC Staff Seeks To Require Supplier to Refund Charges in Excess of SOS Rate; Transfer Some Customers to Other Suppliers; Proposes $3.3 Million Fine.

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About NPSAugust 14, 2013 Being open about cash can fund your efficiency dream…

About NPSJune 17, 2013 8 Simple Ways to Successfully Reduce Energy for a Demand Response Event

About NPSFebruary 14, 2013 Update: Pennsylvania Commissioners Chide Retail Suppliers for Over-priced Offerings As State Retains Utility-Provided Default Service Model