What We Do

- What We Do -

We help you find the best deals that involve

  • Electrical and Natural Gas

    Electrical & Natural Gas Procurement

    Choosing an energy supplier can be difficult, confusing and time consuming. We represent you in the procurement process. We are specialists who deliver the most economical and practical solutions for your business.

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  • Utility Bill Auditing

    Utility Bill

    A powerful and easy way for your company to recoup overcharged billing errors. The only costs to you are a percentage of the recovered overcharges and savings.

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  • Demand Side Management


    Manage what you use through various measurement techniques and reduction programs. Your ability to reduce or adjust your demand is compensated by the grid operator in forms of cash payments.

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  • Power Purchase Agreements

    Power Purchase Agreements

    Becoming sustainable takes effort and money. Let us help you reap maximum benefits of contracting directly with your utility or help you buy or sell Renewable Energy Credits.

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  • Sustainability & Technology

    Sustainability &

    A great alternative to reducing or off-setting your cost of electricity and natural gas is to take advantage of the newest LED lighting, solar and geothermal funding, tax breaks, and low interest financing for your projects.

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